General Information about Bulgaria

Location: Bulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe and occupies the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.
Population: 6 519 789
Capital: Sofia
Other big cities: Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas, Ruse
State system: Parliamentary republic
Area: 110 910 sq. km.
Official language: Bulgarian (83.9 %)
Other spoken international languages: English, Russian, German, French
Alphabet: Cyrillic
Official religion: Eastern Orthodox (82.6 %)
Average summer temperatures: from 26 to 30
Average winter temperatures: from - 5 to + 5
Time zone: GMT + 2, from end of March to end of October + 3
Currency: Lev (pl. Leva) - BGN
Internet TLD: .bg
National holidays: 03 March, 24 May, 06 September, 22 September
Country dialing code: 00359 (or +359)
Mobile operators: A1, Yettel, Vivacom
National emergency number: 112

Location and attractions:

Villa Vegas is distanced from:

- Varna airport - 35 km.
- Bourgas airport - 175 km.
- Dobrich – 35 km.
- Varna – 25 km.
- Balchik – 12 km
- Golden sands resort – 15 km.
- Kavarna – 30 km.
- Albena resort and the closest sandy beach - 4 km.
- Kranevo and the beach in the village – 4 km.
- The closest bus stop - 500 m.
- A local groceries - 600 m.
- A local restaurant - 4 km.

Information about the places of interest:

The beautiful Albena resort is the second biggest beach resort on the North Black sea coast in Bulgaria. With its 17 tennis courses, a riding club with 30 horses and 2 arenas, 21 outdoor and an indoor pools, a yacht club, fitness centres, playgrounds for beach volleyball, bowling hall, a centre for paragliding, parachute jumps, plenty of restaurants and bars, Albena resort has a lot to offer for a full and completely vacation. The resort is situated only 30 km away from Bulgaria's sea capital Varna. It is remarkable for its 6-km long beach. It has 43 hotels (2 to 4 stars), situated at the very beach or at the picturesque hills with exciting views of the sea and the “Balata” National Reserve.

Varna: Varna is Bulgaria's third largest city after Sofia and Plovdiv as well as the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is 80th-largest in the European Union, with a population of 358,583. The actual daily population, including commuters, is widely believed to have made it the country's second-largest city. Commonly referred to as the marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria, Varna is a major tourist destination, university centre, seaport, and headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy.
Varna is an 'around-the-year' holiday destination. During the holiday season, July and August, the sunshine allows 10-11 hours of sunbathing. The sea is amazingly calm and free of dangerous tides. Apart from being a beach resort, Varna rivals the great cities of Sofia and Plovdiv, in its offering of cultural attractions and historical buildings, museums and art galleries.
It was an inhabited place even before the Greeks established the colony of Odessos there about 580 B.C. Nowadays it is Bulgaria's main naval and commercial shipping port. It's also becoming a magnet for tourists, being adjacent to the coastal resorts of Golden Sands, St. Constantine and Albena. A university town, it is has a cosmopolitan atmosphere that will immediately impress visitors. Boulevards lined with 10th century buildings provide an attractive backdrop to the fashion shops and sophisticated cafe bars.

Some of the landmarks of Varna which are considered to be symbols of the city are The Cathedral, Palace of Culture and Sports, Festival Centre, Sea garden, The Roman Baths.

Golden sands - the biggest summer resort on the North coast of Bulgaria with glorious scenery, wooded hillsides sweeping down to meet one of the world's most beautiful beaches and the blue sparkling sea. The beach is 3.5 km long and its width is up to 100 m in some places. With the average temperature of the air is 27° C and that of the water 24° C, Golden sands is the right place for sea- and sunbaths from May to October. Distanced only 18 km from Varna city and about 25 km from the internation airport, the resort offers great variety of entertainments for all ages - parents with children, youths, elderly.

Aladja monastery: It is the most famous rock monastery at the Bulgarian Coast, one of the many monc cloisters, existed in 13-14 century.

Dobrich: Due to its generous land, the area of Dobrich town is called the ‘Granary of Bulgaria’. Dobrich is the eighth most populated town in Bulgaria, being the centre of the historical region of Southern Dobrudja, and is located 30 km west of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, not far from resorts such as Albena, Balchik, and Golden Sands. Some of the sights in Dobrich are the museum of Yordan Yovkov (great Bulgarian writer), the "Old town" of Dobrich with different handcraft workshops, the ruins of a Middle Ages settlement, the ancient necropolis and a big number of monuments.

Baltata Forest Reserve: Very close to the resort (bordering "Albena" and stretching west to Kranevo Village) is one of the few dense forests, which have been preserved -Baltata preservation area or 197 hectare wildlife area. The forests of Baltata reserve are actually made up of many interesting habitats because of its proximity to the sea. Found in the reserve are deer, wild boar, red fox, steppe polecat, wood ducks, herons, falcons,etc. as well as numerous representative flora supported by this unique ecosystem. Visitation is encouraged but only with specially arranged tours and guides.

Kranevo village: the holiday village of Kranevo with its remains of the ancient fortress used in Roman times and the Middle Ages is also located in very close proximity to Albena resort. Beside the fortress, the village is also attractive for its mineral springs. The coast between Albena and Kranevo is high and extremely picturesque with steep rocky formations.

Rogachevo village: Rogachevo is situated 28 km north of Varna city, 25 km from Varna airport and 4 km from Albena resort. Nearby there are two professional golf courses and a golf school. The information for the past of the village is scarce. In its vicinity are found necropoleis from I-II century BC. They evidence that life in these places there was already in the time of the Thracians. Over the centuries of Ottoman slavery the village was called Geck chiler. It is known that the village was Circassian. Bulgarians come here mainly from Vaysal village in Eastern Thrace. It is difficult to determine exactly when they have settled in these places. After the restitution of Southern Dobrudja to Bulgaria, the local people insist the new name of the village to be Elenovo. However, the proposal is not accepted. In 1942 according to an idea of the local priest, the village was renamed Rogachevo. There was a school in the village during the Romanian occupation but in the 60s and 70s of the last century, the school was closed. Today, about 300 people live in Rogachevo. Officially the local people with address registration in the village are 200. More than 20 foreigners have bought houses here.

Balchik: a charming coastal town, located 47 km north of Varna city, with an amphitheatre location on the very seashore. The Royal Palace, the Botanical garden, the churches, the Museum of History together with many other attractions make Balchik one of the most visited resorts on the Black sea coast. The Balchik port played an important role in the town's development, being the third sea-side port in terms of significance after the ones in Varna and Burgas. The unique nature and the ancient history make the today's romantic charm of Balchik - a constant source of inspiration for artists, poets and artists. The allegory of the town is The Royal Palace and the Botanical garden in Balchik whose official name was the Quiet Nest Palace. It was constructed between 1926 and 1937, during the Romanian rule of the region, for the needs of Queen Maria of Romania. Attracted by the beauty and the romanticism of the seaside town, inspired by the centuries-old trees, the wild flowers and the bird species in the region, Queen Maria of Romania selected Balchik to build her summer residence.The palace complex consists of a number of smaller residential villas, “a smoking hall” (this hall doesn’t exist for a long time as it is demolished by an earthquake about 50 years ago), a wine cellar, a chapel, great number of stone fountains and many other buildings, as well as the notable park that today is a state-run botanical garden. In 1955 the Balchik Botanical Garden was established at the place of the palace's park. Nowadays, it has an area of 65,000 m² and accommodates 2000 plant species. Because of its attractive collection of large-sized cactus species arranged outdoors on 1000 m², the Garden is announced for the second largest garden in Europe.

Where to go in Villa Vegas area:

Restaurants and bars in Albena Resort: With its pleasant atmosphere, delicious cuisine with a traditional menu, a wide variety of seafood and an extensive collection of selected drinks, the restaurants in Albena satisfy even the most discriminating taste. The restaurants with home cuisine or in national style are located in a natural environment, and with their masterpieces the cooks quickly conquer the hearts of the tourists. The guests enjoy not only the true flavor of the Bulgarian wine and appetizers, but also take an active part of the entertainment program. Foreign cuisine lovers have the opportunity to taste the wonderful specialties in a-la-carte restaurants – the Italian “Ti Amo”, the Mexican “Tex Mex”, the Greek “Kaliopa”, “Green Apple”, “Poco Loco”, “Havana” and “Ciel Bleu”.
When the sun goes down in Albena, it is time to go out and enjoy all that this passionate resort can offer you. The countless restaurants with certainty will leave in your memory exciting memories from your stay. You could visit and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of night bar “Flamingo Grand”, piano bar “Bailando”, night club ”Tsar”, cocktail bar “Gangvie”, bistro “Arabela”, bistro “La Bomba”, pub “Sham Rock”, wine bar “Dionysius” and many others.

Restaurants in Kranevo: Restaurant "Zora" is located near the central beach of Kranevo. Here three brothers will welcome you with a smile, hospitality, professionalism and lots of talent. The atmosphere is amazing with the performing skills and vocal talent of Dima.
Sometimes it takes a lot less to feel the soul of a people - calmness, greenery, murmuring stream and aroma of delicious dishes. This will offer you restaurant "Izvora". Live music, over 100 seats and an original Bulgarian cuisine.
Along with many shops for souvenirs, postcards, beach goods, in Kranevo is located the nearest supermarket, open 24 hours during the summer season. Do not forget to ask your Villa Manager how to get there.

Restaurants, clubs and attractions in Golden Sands Resort:

PR Club Admiral – One of the most modern discos along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast offers unforgettable entertainments every day with different music and the best Bulgarian and foreign DJ’s!
Club Bonkers – house and dance music, hot summer hits, retro from the 80s and 90s.
Masai Club - one of the most famous clubs in Golden Sands, opened in 2005 – on 3 levels, with summer bar and terrace.
Disco club ARROGANCE Music Factory – 4 halls, 4 music styles under one roof. House, Retro, Lounge and Pop-folk – music for every taste or mood.

Some of the restaurants in Golden Sands resort, which you should not miss are:

Silver Gourmet in Astera Hotel&Casino, if you have an anniversary from your wedding, birthday or any other special occasion for surprise, Scandinavian restaurant “Prima”, Steakhouse “THE OLD OAK”- between Admiral Hotel and MELIA GRAND HERMITAGE hotel, Chinese restaurant “THE WEALTHY PLACE”, Restaurant-Barbeque “BEER HOUSE” – on the beach next to Morsko Oko Hotel, Indian restaurant “TAJ MAHAL” – central part, next to ADMIRAL hotel.
Attraction Park 'Aquapolis' - the most beautiful water park in Eastern Europe and the first one in Bulgaria, established in a unique Mauritian Mediterranean style. It is located on the main road from Riviera resort to Albena resort. The water park is situated in the forest with a unique view to the sea and the whole resort complex. It is divided into 3 zones - for children, for adults and extreme area. The park has a fast food establishment - restaurant "Ambrosia", restaurant a la carte "Arcadia", pool bar "Neptune", a panoramic snack-bar "Alcazar".
The mussels farm "Dalboka" is situated north of Kavarna town and about 20 km north from Balchik town. The restaurant itself is located just on the sea shore between Kavarna town and a small village, named Balgarevo. It offers seafood and great mussels from a farm, which you can see from your table, while enjoying the picturesque nature. Due to the popularity of the mussels farm Dalboka , it is highly recommended not to go there without having booked a table in advance. Otherwise, you will enjoy the views only, but not the food.

"BM Korona" Restaurant in Balchik is a restaurant not to be missed, not only because it is just 5 steps away from the sea shore, but because it is surrounded by history, beauty and calmness, which makes it a wonderful place to enjoy a dinner with friends and family. Wherever you turn an astonishing view reveals the vast sea, the unique charm of the Botanical garden and the exotic palace of the Romanian queen.

Kavatzi Restaurant in Balchik town - if you have choosen Balchik as a holiday destination or just want to spend a nice time during the weekends, this restaurant will welcome you with a delicious lunch or just a cup of coffee. The ourdoor terrace goes into the sea and opens a calming view towards the yacht port and the Balchik bay. During the summer nights a band brings additionally to the clients' good mood.

The International Short Film Festival “IN THE PALACE” is held in Balchik, Bulgaria, usually in the end of June. The selected films compete for awards, given by Internation Jury, in several categories and its main goal is giving populatity to the short film art. Competitors are International, Bulgarian and students' films, for all of them the specific requirement is that the films should not exeed the lenght of 45 minutes. During this time of the year, Balchik town becomes more lively and overexcited than usual. Visiting the coastal town you will have the chance to experience the unique atmosphere and the high spirits of the film festival.

First Black sea International Regatta is organized by Yacht Club Romania, Pontos Sailing Club Varna and the International Club Odessa in the end of May. The offshore race is held between both well-know resorts in Romania and Bulgaria - Mangalia and Balchik. The last year more than 40 yachts, devided in two classes (up to 32 feet and over 32 feet) competed in the race. During the dates of the International Regatta, Balchik became an attractive point for both yacht experts and lovers.

"Akvilon" supermarket, “Fresh” supermarket and “Lidl” are the biggest and best supplied food and drinks shops in Balchik town. Located in the residential area "Balik", they offer reasonable rates and good service quality. It is the perfect place to make the weekend shopping, as in close proximity there is a small fruit and vegetable market, where you will find organic food and very often - home produced goods, which are distinguished by its unbelievable taste.

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